Donation Requests


DeWayne’s fundraising program supports a wide range of groups, organizations, churches and schools in and surrounding Johnston County. Our average donation amount is $25 in an effort to support as many as possible.

Donation requests must be submitted 3 weeks prior to the event by filling out in completion, the form below. Supporting fundraiser materials must be provided by uploading a letter, flyer or brochure with the initial submission of the form below.

A confirmation email will be sent if the request is APPROVED providing notification of when the gift card donation can be picked up, and an in-kind contribution of a donation gift card will be issued to be used in the organization fundraiser. Donation gift cards expire the calendar year they are issued as noted on the front of the card.

Other considerations…

Donations are not honored more than once within a calendar year to the same organization. Completed applications are not an agreement that the request will be honored. Previously honored donations don’t ensure that it will be honored again. By accepting a gift card donations, organizations give us permission to publish them as a recipient of a donation. A tax receipt in the amount of the gift card donated should be provided when picking up the donation gift card.

Donations Request Form
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  8. Date request submitted: (MM/DD/YYYY)
  9. Have we donated to this organization in the past?   Expected attendance   Will donors be recognized in any way at the event, website or on social media platforms?
  12. How can we find this organization on social media? Include all social media platforms that the organization participates in.

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